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*PLEASE NOTE: We focus on large projects as we have a full team that works on every project. Because of this, the minimum budget for our projects is $100k, and the minimum budget for pool projects is $150k.

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Frequently asked questions

How expensive are your projects?

Because we take pride in having full teams work on each project with efficiency and with high quality materials, we typically only take on large projects. We kindly ask for homeowners to consider a minimum budget of $100k, and most of our pool projects start at a minimum of $150k (for the complete landscape project).

Do I get to keep the 3D design for free?

Although our consultations are free and we present the 3D design & estimate for free, we do politely refrain from giving out our design for you to keep until you do decide to work with us, which then the design fee is already included in the project cost. We hope you understand that we protect our company trademark. Should our clients still wish to keep our design and not move forward with the construction, we can sell the design to them for a fee. The fee will vary depending on the size of the project.

How long will it take to complete my project?

There are various factors that influence the estimated time of completion, including H.O.A. approval process or city permits and regulations. For example, a pool & spa project requires more regulations and supervision compared to a project without a pool & spa. Overall, we can assure our clients we have exceptional work ethic, being on the job daily with all the manpower needed. That said, most of our pool projects are completed within 3-4 months of starting construction, and projects without pools are completed much faster.

Do you work with my HOA and city department?

Should the client decide to work with us, our company will take care of any work necessary to get the project started. We always detail out plans that are ready for H.O.A. approval and ready to obtain city permits so our clients can feel hassle-free with the process.